Swifties I’ve Met

Swiftie friends I’ve met at The Tours or Out and About. I hope to meet as many swifties as i can 

Meet Briana @fearless09 on tumblr and twitter i’ve been talking to her since January 2015 i text her everyday and we have became very close. I’m very honored to have her in my life. 7/18/15


Meet Frank @NotALotGoing0n on Twitter and i-am-not-frank on Tumblr. I started talking to Frank in late 2013 through this fansite on our Facebook page “The World According To Taylor Swift” He’s always there for me when i need him and he’s such a great friend i cant wait to hang out with him again 7/18/15


Meet Kay @neverwhatiwrite on tumblr. I meet Kay literally 3 days before the show on tumblr. I can already tell we’ll be the best of friends and she lives close to me so i’ll definitely hang out with her again very soon 7/18/15


Meet Shannon I started talking to Shannon in August 2013 when she messaged this fansite’s facebook page “The World According To Taylor”  and told me she lives not to far from me and told me to watch her “Holy Ground” cover on YouTube which was so amazing. We went to the same college but never could really meet up with our schedules. We finally hung out in March we went to a coffee shop and talked and had so much fun. We have a lot of insides jokes and fangirl so much. She’s also getting married in August and is moving to Tennessee. I’m so happy for her and i’m so glad she’s in my life. 7/18/15


Meet Brittany I met Brittany through Shannon (the girl above) they came together for the 1989 tour a few months before Shannon added her to my Chicago Swiftie group and we saw each other’s posts. She was really nice and i cant wait to get to know her more.


Group Photo of Shannon, Brittany and I


Meet Becky We started talking in March 2015 when I made a group for Chicago Swifties. It was really funny at the 1989 tour we facebooking back and forth about how disappointed we were that we didn’t meet each other but then she saw me and waved we totally were excited then the next thing i know poof she’s right in front of me so we got our picture together. After the show was over i saw her again and waved. She’s so sweet and i can’t wait to hang out with her again


Meet Grace taylorwritesstelenaslovesongs on tumblr. I started to grace on facebook through a group we were both in. She’s so freaking funny and such a ball of fun. At first we had a hard time finding each other and i was worried i wasnt going to meet her because my phone died and i couldn’t texts her then my mom and i were just about to leave and BOOM this little ball of energy gave a huge hug. We talked about how we were all sweaty and how i was mosh pitting the people around me and waited for our other friends to join us. We talk all the time on Facebook and Tumblr I love her funny hashtags she puts when she reblogs on tumblr. i cant wait to hug her again 7/18/15


Meet Adam and Diane. I started talking to Adam in May 2014 when i wrote on Taylor Talk’s Facebook wall that i shared them to get them more likes and fans of the Podcast. I started talking to Diane in July 2014 when i added her on facebook since we talked a few times in a small group we were both in. She’s so sweet and very pretty. I met them before the show but it got cut short because of stupid rain and i told them i would catch them later.We met up again after the show with our friend grace talked for awhile, took our pictures and walked out together. It was really awesome to meet them and look forward to meeting them again.


Meet Junior  @lovaticswiftie7 and i-think-i-love-taylor-130718 on tumblr. I started talking to Junior 2 weeks before the show and he was super nice and always sending excited texts messages about the show and about my birthday (July 10th) he was really sweet and i wish i had more time to talk to him but security were kicking us out. I hope to hangout with him soon


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