AMC Milestone Award

“I’ve watched this milestone artist from the time she was a tangled hair little girl growing up on our farm . Full of imagination and creativity, until right now as she prepares for her world tour. Ever since then her favorite thing is write a song, tell a story, play a guitar or piano and I’ve seen those things carry for every emotion every experience in her life, good and bad. Every once in a awhile her dad and I find ourselves to be the subject of those songs, sometimes we are merely inspiration. Like when she was 17 old her dad and strongly disproved of a young man, rightfully so. She was real mad. She came out with a song an hour later called love story. for many years i was her constant companion. i witnessed a young girl with very few friends, become a young women with many,. Being brave enough to explore her musical curiosity, having a voice against those who hate and giving of herself to those who need. many of you out there with children tonight of your own. I am a very proud mama. So i would like to thank the ACMs to honor her this way but i also want to thank the entire music community of taking such good care of her, To the fans I KNOW, I know you love her as I love her and for that i thank you eternally”
— Andrea Swift

“Somebody once told me that you truly see who a person is when you tell them something they don’t want to hear. You truly see who someone is when you give them news that they weren’t expecting. And so, to the country music community, when I told you that I had made a pop album, and that I wanted to go and explore other genres, you showed me who you are with the grace that you accepted that with. I will never forget it. I am so happy, so happy that I learned to write songs in a town like Nashville. I am so grateful that I learned what hard work is from my heroes who are all sitting here, and I am so unbelievable proud that I learned to treat people with kindness and respect from country music. I love you so much. And to the fans. I will see you right here in this exact stadium in a few months on the 1989 World Tour. See you soon, I love you.”
— Taylor Swift

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